Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Italy, Day 2: Venice

First stop was the water taxi station. I'm not sure if that's the right term for it, but it's the public transportation system around Venice. More like water buses because we bought a 48 hour pass when we got there, didn't pay per ride.

St. Mark's Square. Shops and restaurants around the perimeter. People and pigeons in the middle. I think they're famous for the pigeons, but we saw them everywhere in Italy. One woman in this square was trying to get the pigeons to perch on her (she was successful - yuck). My first priority was to find a battery for my camera because the one I had died right off the bat!

The famous canals! It was really different than I expected. I think I was afraid it would be more commercial and almost like Disney, but it was historic and charming.

There were tiny alleyways with restaurants and shops. We stopped at one for caprese and veggies for lunch -- I think our lightest meal of the trip.
Then we'd come upon these little dead-end courtyards. Loved the laundry on the line.
We saw a couple of guys delivering a huge load of toilet paper on a cart -- no delivery trucks or vehicles of any kind.

Wrought iron, gondolas...

The Grand Canal, much wider.
And also this lagoon (Laguna Veneta) that we crossed on the water bus to get back to Lido.

And back to our hotel (there's a link in yesterday's post if you want more info on the hotel).
Lessons learned:
OMG don't get sick in Venice! I was dying this day, thank goodness for my very patient travel buddies. I won't go into details, but you should always have change for the W/C aka Toilette (€1,50) and good luck finding one when you need it instead of one of the charming deadend courtyards. Always bring any medicine you could possibly need with you, we made several visits to the Farmacia.
Also (duh) make sure your camera battery is charged but also bring a spare. I had to switch them out almost every day. We were also sharing one outlet adapter between the three of us, and there was always something waiting to charge between the camera batteries and IPods. Would have been great to have more of those.

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Anonymous Rich said...

I'm pretty sure that lady did, indeed, charge us €5 for information like the sign said. :(

7:26 PM  

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